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3rd & 4th Grade Schedule and Results


Game Schedule & Results


Day      Date             Time       Status     Score                           Visitors                        Home                                         Venue


Sat    9/9/2017      9:00am         w          26-0                   Swan Valley White          Millington                          Millington High School     

Sat    9/16/2017    9:00am         w          30-0                   Swan Valley White          Corunna                            Corunna High School     
Sat    9/23/2017    9:00am         w          20-0                   Swan Valley White          Freeland 1                        Freeland High School     

Sat    9/30/2017    9:00am         w          0-20                    Birch Run 1                      Swan Valley White           Swan Valley High School     

Sat    10/7/2017    9:00am         w          8-42                    Owosso 2                       Swan Valley White            Swan Valley High School     
Sat    10/14/2017   4:30pm        w          8-0                     Swan Valley White          Owosso 1                          Owosso High School     

Sat    10/21/2017   12:00pm      w          26-0                   Swan Valley White          Freeland                           Freeland High School

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